Vacation Bible School 2022

Get "On Board" with us at our Lehighton Campus for Vacation Bible School this summer August 8-10 from 10AM-12PM! 

VBS is for all children from age 3 - grade 5! Kids will experience three days packed full of relevant Bible lessons, crazy games, creative crafts, and so much more!

For more information and to register as a participant or volunteer, please visit:

Questions? Contact us at

    What To Expect

    1. Is there a cost to VBS?

    VBS is completely free for the family! We want everyone to be able to participate and be included.

    2. What kind of clothes should my child wear?

    During the evening your child will have the chance to play games that will include running, and also working on crafts. We recommend them wearing something that can get a little sweaty and maybe a little messy. Because of the games, it might be a good idea to also avoid skirts and dresses!

    3. What can we expect from the evening?

    The VBS schedule is a mix between small group and large group activities. When you first arrive, you may check in at the groups' tables and then head into the large group session. The evening starts with music, skits and, a lesson. From there we will break off into smaller groups and enter a rotation of snacks/small groups, games, and crafts. 

    4. How are the groups divided?

    Our groups are divided by grade so that the kids can get to know other children their age.

    5. What about allergies?

    When you register your children, you will be given an allergy sheet to fill out. It will list the week’s snacks, along with any possible allergens in the food. You will be able to mark which snacks your child can and cannot eat and we have a variety of allergy-free snacks they can have instead!

    6. Can we stay for the evening?

    Parents are welcome to hang out on campus throughout the night.

    7. What if my kid has to miss a night?

    We will miss them, but it is completely understandable. We still encourage them to attend as many nights as possible!