Psalm 29

april 1, 2022

David takes a turn in this Psalm, elevating us to new levels of appreciation for our Almighty Father, God. David makes sure the singer/reader sees God in His splendor and holiness. In verse 1, David invites the heavenly beings to ascribe to the Father all praise which is due Him. Verse 2 says His name is to be revered and speaks of the incredible holiness of God.


Do you have a large voice? Perhaps your coach did, or your parents?  Not a big mouth, but a big voice. There is a difference! This has more to do with the strength of your voice than its volume. Your supervisor’s strong voice may be evident in nothing more than a text that says “yes” or “no.” In Genesis, God spoke the worlds into existence. Here David says our God speaks and it is so! He worshiped God for who He is and what He does!


David spent a lot of time outdoors, so we notice that he draws metaphors to God’s work among incredible acts of nature. Verse 10 says the Lord sits enthroned over the flood. David’s view of God is super-sized, and ours should be, too. Have you reduced God to a small part of your life? How about embracing Him as David did? Let your faith rise to the heights, and see angels and nature reveling in the splendor of God! Today and always, let your heart, your song, your words be that of unfettered worship of our Sovereign God.