Psalm 28

MARCH 25, 2022

Prayer and patience seem to be the recipe for David’s life in Psalm 28. He does not explicitly state the challenge he is facing here, so we can easily find ourselves in his words. Verse 3 indicates that David is experiencing two-faced people that act as if they like him but are ready to stab him in the back when given the chance. It is like a cheating partner, a fickle friend, a boss that says what you want to hear but does the opposite, or maybe a child that will not be honest with you. They eat at your table but crawl through windows of opportunity to do things that bring stress and pain.


You might join with the country singer who admits he is happy to thank God for some of the prayers that were not answered the way he had hoped. Maybe you have a few of those prayers yourself.


But there are some prayers you really want God to answer. My friend prayed ten years for a wayward child to come off of drugs and find a normal life again. Another prayed for several decades for a friend to come to faith in Christ. Some situations may feel like you are merely chiseling granite, or even worse, being squished under it.


By the time we reach verse 7, David turns from his dark focus on the troubling ways of others to voice his worship and strong appreciation to God. In this verse he speaks of his heart leaping with joy and his song being filled with praise to God.


No matter what you face today, may you come to the end of it with your eyes set on the One who loves you unconditionally! May you have a heart, mind and voice filled with thanksgiving to Him!