Psalm 26

MARCH 10, 2022

“Who, me?!” Have you ever been falsely accused? If so, what was your reaction? People tend to react in one of two ways – fight or flight. It is easy to get drawn into a battle of words fired by emotion and a desire to prove one’s innocence. Some people, however, experience a great deal of anxiety at the prospect of confrontation, so they will run from the battle. David shows us another way to deal with false accusations. One commentary described David’s accusers as “deceitful, hypocritical, and wicked evildoers” who were scheming to destroy his reputation. Instead of using physical or verbal weapons to combat the lies, he went to God in prayer. He asked the Lord to vindicate him – or clear his reputation. He also went one step further and asked the Lord to examine his own heart and mind to reveal his motives and decisions. David turned to the Lord first with confidence and then humility as he trusted the Lord with that which was out of his control.

Psalm 26 is a prayer of faith to a God who knows our hearts and is capable of turning the tide of false accusations into an opportunity for the Lord to pour His grace and mercy onto a situation in ways we cannot comprehend.

The next time circumstances appear to be out of control, consider having a plan before reacting: say a prayer, speak to a mentor, or have a promise from scripture ready to recite by memory. Stand on the truth of God’s Word and just see what He can do!