Psalm 23

February 17, 2020

David was the author of Psalm 23. You get the feeling that he truly draws from everyday happenings when writing this song. Surely David knew he had written a Top Ten song when he penned these words. This Psalm is read around the world at churches, official gatherings, quoted at the bedside of ailing people, spoken at funerals, and hung on walls of people from all walks of life.

No doubt you have found yourself in these verses David wrote. Days of green pastures, quiet waters, and a refreshed soul. You have likely experienced dark valleys, the threat of evil, and the unusual feelings that come from being surrounded by people that did not like you...maybe even enemies. Those times make us truly grateful for our Shepherd. He does guide us. He is with us. He does comfort us. We will dwell in His house forever. This Psalm is then most relevant to everyday living, and it is available for us to embrace as our own!

Whatever you are going to experience today, know that the Lord is with you! He can match every situation, every emotion, and relate to every decision that you will make. He is YOUR Shepherd. Lean in and listen to Him today because He cares for you! 

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