Psalm 15 • Pursue righteousness

November 23, 2021

David starts off this Psalm with a question: “Lord, who may dwell in Your sacred tent? Who may live on Your holy mountain?” While the world may have answered that question based on your success with your income, job title, or platform, David goes on to answer the question from a godly perspective. In order to dwell in the presence of God, we are called to live a life of righteousness, and that is true success. 

David challenges us to be people who do “what is righteous, who speak the truth from their heart; whose tongues utter no slander, who does no wrong to a neighbor.” David wants to remind us that with honoring God comes honoring those around us. Our attitude towards others shows us our heart’s condition. The people who seek God first, maintain a giving heart, and keep promises are the ones who are not shaken. Their relationship with God grows closer as their faith becomes stronger.

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