Psalm 14, Giving it All to God

November 10, 2021

God wants every part of you! He is seeking people of faith who will face the challenge of giving everything to Him. I don't know about you, but I find it easy to give God certain parts of my life while withholding other parts. Not only is it easy, but the temptation is that I prefer it this way. Sure God, take my Sunday mornings. Take my health concerns; take my broken relationships. But what about my finances, my lifestyle, my social media? Do I want His involvement there?

Psalm 14 is a reminder that the most foolish thing I can do, in any part of my life, is to deny God and His involvement and investment in that area. The truth of this passage is not that people have completely denied God's existence. Instead, they say to themselves, "I don't need or want God involved." Part of our daily walk with God is being sensitive to the Holy Spirit's work on our hearts and being faithful to say, "God, today, take this part of my life. Take every part."  

Is there a part of your life you are holding back from God? Is there a current struggle, need, or temptation that you're keeping to yourself? What is the Holy Spirit asking you to give to God? Trust in Him. He knows you, and He knows what you need!

The BWC Staff

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