Loving Life Child Care

Located at the Cherryville campus, Loving Life Child Care provides fun and education

in a Christian environment. LLCC offers programs for children ages 6 weeks and up, 

including preschool, daycare, before/after school programs for elementary children, 

and a summer program for children up to Grade 5. 

If you would like more information or want to schedule a visit, please call LLCC at 610.767.1910

or email the director, Mary Laubach, at maryl@bethanywes.org. 

Directions to Loving Life Child Care can be found here.

  • Mary Laubach

    LLCC Director

    Mary has been the Director of Loving Life Child Care for almost 2 years. She grew up in this area. Mary and her husband, Tom, currently reside in Walnutport. They have two children, Tyler and Allison, who are currently attending universities at a Master's and undergraduate level respectively.


LLCC Vision

Nurture each child's unique strengths and talents.

Uphold integrity among the staff.

Respect and assist parents in child development.

Treat each child as a special gift from God.

Uphold models of Christian behavior.

Recognize each child's need for self-esteem.

Encourage each child to explore, create, and develop dreams.

Our purpose is to offer children love, care, acceptance, and education in an atmosphere where Jesus Christ and the Word of God are an intimate part of each day. We offer parents the opportunity to place their child in an environment where God’s love is freely expressed to them. Loving teachers and helpers follow Biblical principles and provide many learning experiences in which each child

can thrive and feel valued.

Educational Philosophy

Lovingly instruct children about Jesus Christ through use of creative teaching methods and the modeling of caring relationships.

Invest in the lives of each child for the purpose of building self-esteem and acceptance of their uniqueness.

Foster an atmosphere where children are comfortable in their learning environment and where parents are confident in the care that is being provided.

Encourage our staff to considerately interact with and serve as support for parents of each child under our care.

The educational philosophy of Loving Life Child Care 

is based on teaching Biblical truth and implementing a

well-rounded curriculum that focuses on each area of a child’s development (cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical). The entire process of education is viewed as a means, used by the Holy Spirit, to bring the children into fellowship with God, develop Christian values, and train them in Godly living to fulfill God’s purpose for each of their lives (Proverbs 22:6).