What is easter about?

Every Good Friday we remember Jesus' sacrifice for us on the cross. But why is this particular Friday called "good?" How could we possibly say that suffering, crucifixion, and death are good? According to Isaiah 53:3-6, because of Jesus' sacrifice, we can be free from the power and guilt of sin. Because of His work on the cross, we can be made right before God. That is why it is called "good." Because while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. But the story didn't end there! Sunday was coming, and with it, a more glorious victory than we could have ever hoped for. Join us this Easter as we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ!


    Friday, April 7 | 6:30PM

    Cherryville - Lehighton - Palmerton

    Join us for a meaningful service as we remember what Christ has done for us! We'll worship through music, scripture, a message, prayer, and the sacrament of Holy Communion.

    Please contact your local BWC campus for childcare availability.

  • Easter Sunday

    Sunday, April 9

    Cherryville - 9 & 10:45AM

    Lehighton - 9 & 10:30AM

    Palmerton - 9:30AM

    Let's celebrate the risen Savior! We look forward to gathering to worship through music, scripture, and a powerful message from Pastor Kevin!

    Please contact your local BWC campus for childcare availability.


    Sunday, April 9 | 9 & 10:45AM

    Unable to join us in person? Please make plans to engage with the BWC eCampus on Sunday at 9AM or 10:45AM on Facebook, YouTube, or live.bethanywes.orgThere will be live worship music, prayer, scripture, and a message from Pastor Kevin.